Charles Bailyn, Yale-NUS Dean of the Faculty, on the relationship between Yale University and Yale-NUS College

Yale-NUS College is a child with two parents. As such, it is quite different from any “branch campus”. It is still quite young, but already it displays its own individuality, while carrying the unmistakable influence of its parents. As with human beings, I doubt that this child will be confused with its parents, despite being similarly named. I have personal experience with this; my own father is a prominent academic, and while we share a surname, I do not recall a single incident in which his scholarly work was attributed to me or vice versa.

Certainly the key participants are not confused about the relationship between Yale and Yale-NUS. Prospective students are aware that they are signing up for a different educational and social experience, and for a different degree from what they would receive at Yale College; prospective faculty members are acutely aware that they will not have appointments at Yale University.

Nevertheless, the influence of Yale on Yale-NUS College has been profound. Yale-NUS reflects Yale’s values and Yale’s concerns in a way that no college founded solely by NUS, or by any other institution in the world, could possibly do. Yale is deeply embedded in the DNA of Yale-NUS College, sufficiently so that it is appropriate that the new institution carry the Yale name, for the same reasons that individuals in all societies generally bear a name in part inherited from their parents.

Charles Bailyn
A. Bartlett Giamatti Professor of Astronomy and Physics, Yale University
Inaugural Dean of the Faculty, Yale-NUS College

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