Non-discrimination in Singapore? Not so, Prof Koh: a summary of Dr. Wong Jock Onn’s April 22, 2012 piece in The Sunday Times

Dr. Wong Jock Onn writes in The Sunday Times that he disagrees with Professor Tommy Koh’s earlier article that Singapore is “seriously committed to upholding the principle of non-discrimination” (“Yale-NUS a timely, visionary initiative”, April 15, 2012).

Dr. Wong said that Singapore’s diversity is only comparable to developing countries and rural cities, citing four areas which must be met before the country is truly cosmopolitan and non-discriminatory: gender equality, racial diversity, acceptance of sexual minorities, and equality between singles and married couples.

He further explained the difference between mere non-acceptance and criminalization of differences, raising the example of current laws against homosexual acts and same-sex marriages.

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