Yale-NUS flak not mirrored in China: a summary of Ho Ai Li’s April 19th, 2012 piece in the Straits Times

Ho Ai Li reports in the Straits Times that the Yale-NUS project has drawn much flak, though other collaborative projects elsewhere—including upcoming ventures and already existing branches—have not, possibly due to double standards and differing expectations.

New York University (NYU) is opening a campus in Shanghai, and Duke University is working on a campus in Kunshan city – there have been protests, though not with as much fervor.

The “higher education gold rush”—trend of setting up branches abroad—is picking up, mostly due to financial reasons.  This is especially prevalent in China due to the huge potential market.

The writer ends by quoting Dr. Jason Lane, a global higher education expert, who pointed out that there will be inherent differences in overseas branches, and it is up to leaders to decide which to accept and which to fight against.

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