Yale University statement on faculty resolution, April 5th, 2012

Approximately 200 members of the Yale College Faculty attended the monthly meeting this afternoon. After two and one half hours of vigorous debate, the following Resolution passed with a divided vote.

We, the Yale College Faculty, express our concern regarding the history of lack of respect for civil and political rights in the state of Singapore, host of Yale-National University of Singapore College.

We urge Yale-NUS to respect, protect and further principles of non-discrimination for all, including sexual minorities and migrant workers; and to uphold civil liberty and political freedom on campus and in the broader society.

These ideals lie at the heart of liberal arts education as well as of our civic sense as citizens, and they ought not to be compromised.

Yale President Richard C. Levin said:  “The debate at today’s meeting was substantive and civil, in the best tradition of our faculty.  Approximately 30 faculty members expressed a wide range of perspectives about the resolution.

“I value the engagement of my colleagues and their commitment to important principles, even though I opposed the resolution because it did not capture the mutual respect that has characterized the Yale-NUS collaboration from the beginning.”

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