Concerning Yale President Richard C. Levin’s retirement: messages from President Levin, Yale-NUS College President Pericles Lewis, and National University of Singapore President Tan Chorh Chuan

August 30, 2012

To the Yale-NUS Community,

I wanted you to know that today I am announcing to the Yale Community that I will be stepping down next June 30 when I will have completed 20 years as President. The last Yale President to serve so long was inaugurated in 1899 and I have already served longer than any other of the 60 presidents in the Association of American Universities.

When I look back on the last two decades, there are many things that give me pride, but none more than shaping and now launching Yale-NUS College. I would not have left the Presidency unless I was sure that Yale-NUS is destined for success. With the recruitment of such a strong inaugural faculty and an outstanding President and administrative team, and with the conclusion of the campus’ design and the ground-breaking this summer and with outstanding students already enrolled, I am confident that the College is poised for success. I will remain intimately involved with the planning and development of the College throughout the coming year, and I am hoping that my future schedule will allow me to be a visiting faculty member in one of the College’s first semesters.

When the trustees of Yale University met earlier this week, they explicitly reconfirmed the Yale Corporation’s enthusiastic commitment to Yale-NUS College and asked me to convey their steadfast support of our partnership to you. They also asked me to continue to be one of the University’s representatives to the College’s Governing Board for at least three years after I leave office. This is a great delight to me, and I look forward to working with you as we build what will be one of the world’s most significant innovations in undergraduate education.

Rick Levin

August 30, 2012

Dear members of the Yale-NUS Community,

President Richard C. Levin, of Yale University, today announced his retirement effective June 30, 2013. President Levin will have served as Yale President for 20 years, a remarkable period in which he has had many achievements. As he said in a message earlier today, one of his proudest achievements has been the creation of Yale-NUS College. President Levin will continue to serve on our Governing Board for at least three years following his retirement and we look forward to his frequent visits to Singapore.

The Yale Corporation, the governing body of Yale, which will select President Levin’s successor, has reaffirmed its unanimous support for Yale-NUS College. NUS President Tan Chorh Chuan, in a message to the University community today, said that NUS will continue to work closely with President Levin and colleagues at Yale and Yale-NUS to ensure the successful realization of the College as an innovative model of liberal arts education for the 21st century.

I look forward to continuing our recruitment of faculty, staff, and students, and to opening the College next summer.

Best regards,

Pericles Lewis
President, Yale-NUS College

30 August 2012

Yale-NUS Community

Dear Colleagues and Students,

Yale University President Richard Levin has just announced his intention to retire as President of Yale on 30 June 2013, when he will have completed 20 years of outstanding leadership at the helm of the university. He will have the distinction of being the longest serving President of any of the 61 research universities in the Association of American Universities, with a tenure almost twice the average of those in the Ivy League.

In his statement (attached), President Levin noted that many key institutional goals at Yale had been realised or successfully launched including, notably, the Yale-NUS College.

With the recruitment of such a strong leadership team and inaugural faculty, the conclusion of the campus’ design, the groundbreaking for construction this year, and with so many outstanding students already admitted for the inaugural cohort, he has expressed his firm confidence to me that the College is well poised for success when it opens next year.

With the successful realisation of this and so many other important programmes, President Levin said that “this is a natural time for a transition” as there is another round of major initiatives which would need to be decided upon at Yale, including decisions on major programmes in science and graduate studies.

He will, however, remain intimately involved with the planning and development of the College in the coming year, and will be continuing on the Governing Board of Yale-NUS College. The Yale Corporation, which will be responsible for the appointment of the new President of Yale, has also reiterated its enthusiastic and whole-hearted commitment to the Yale-NUS College. In addition, the Yale Corporation has been enthusiastic in nominating President Levin to remain as one of the Yale representatives on the Yale-NUS Governing Board following his retirement for at least three more years.

President Levin and I will continue to work closely with Yale-NUS College President Pericles Lewis and colleagues at Yale-NUS, Yale and NUS to build further on the excellent progress made to date. President Levin will be coming to Singapore next week, and President Lewis and I look forward to working with him then and in the years ahead, to shape the College’s development for the future. I am confident that together, we will succeed in making the Yale-NUS College a truly innovative model of liberal arts and science education for the 21st century.

Yours sincerely,
Tan Chorh Chuan

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