By Kevin Low, Yale-NUS College ’17

The time has come, my blogging friends,
To talk of different things.
We’ve mostly just been writing
About what the future brings:
The next step for the College;
The views from overseas;
If we are just a backdoor;
The worth of our degrees;
The talk of student life and the
Details of the curriculum;
Yale’s incumbent values and
Whether we will stick to ‘em.
And when these stories aren’t front page,
Our posts turn more symbolic:
Of loneliness and growing up
And all things melancholic;
Of uniqueness and perfection,
And feelings so mysterious.
I have to ask the question:
“Hey, guys, why so serious?”

Well, these things are important,
Now please don’t get me wrong;
It’s good to have our voices heard
Among the shouting throngs.
It’s also nice to exercise
Your mind on issues current;
And nothing’s more cathartic than
A good long cry! But aren’t
There some decent chunks of life
That we don’t really share?
Like fresh steak cut straight from the cow,
They’re really, really rare.

Where are all the funny stories?
Who’s hoarding all the jokes?
Why is everyone not laughing
And spit-taking their Cokes?
Where’s the stories of adventure
And the tales of fantasy;
And those amusing anecdotes
That make you smirk with glee;
And where are all you satirists,
With your tongues stuck in your cheeks;
We’re gonna hire you to write
A parody-of-the-week.
So I bid you rise, hilarious hordes,
And write with wit and whimsy;
Pour your creative juices in
And fill it to the brim. See,

Our world’s already messed up
With a tidal wave of hate,
Melancholy and sadness,
And unhappy twists of fate;
We focus on depressions and
All else that makes us dismal:
Wars rage ‘round the world, and the
Economy’s abysmal.
Society’s full of people
Whose job is solely this:
To take their snapshots of life and
Develop negatives.
Why don’t we come together to
Spread love and joy and cheer!
Tell us your funny stories;
Let us beam from year to year.

I think the time has come, my friends,
To speak of happier things:
Of grins and smiles and laughter
And the comedy of kings.
I know this blog is here for us
To show the world our faces;
An honest journal to the globe
And its myriad, varied places.
But that, of course, does not mean that
We can’t have fun sometimes –
Even in a solemn speech
Disguised in playful rhymes.

Kevin Low is a future student
Of Yale-NUS College.
He graduates in ‘17
Hopefully, with some knowledge

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