An Open Letter to the AAUP from Yale-NUS College Faculty

551155_473568772667814_435254594_nDecember 9, 2012

As members of the Yale-NUS College faculty, we write in response to the American Association of University Professors’ open letter to the Yale University community (December 4, 2012).

We appreciate the AAUP’s concern about the matters outlined in their open letter. Their letter echoes many of the ongoing discussions among Yale-NUS faculty members and administrators as our college policies continue to evolve, and we welcome the AAUP’s interest in our educational mission.

At the same time, we wish to state publicly that no representatives of the AAUP consulted with us, as faculty members and colleagues, about any of our own assessments of, concerns about, and active efforts to promote and secure (i) academic freedom; (ii) the rights of faculty, staff, and students; and (iii) shared faculty governance at Yale-NUS College. Moreover, the AAUP’s open letter, while inviting members of the Yale University faculty to contact the AAUP about future concerns, makes no similar invitation to members of the Yale-NUS faculty. Yale-NUS faculty contact information has been publicly available at the Yale-NUS website since this past summer(

In the spirit of collegiality and solidarity—and in shared concern for academic freedom; the rights of faculty, staff, and students; and shared faculty governance—we invite the AAUP to be informed of our efforts and to consult with us in the future.


Matthew Walker, J. Mira Seo, Neil Mehta, Andrew Bailey, Keith Darden, Bernard Bate, George Bishop, Derek Heng, Nicholas Tolwinski, Jane M. Jacobs, Andrew Hui, Guillem Riambau, Rene Saran, Rebecca Gould, Ananthi al-Ramiah, Brian McAdoo, Claudine Ang, Hway Chuan Kang, Cathay Liu, Christina Tarnopolsky, Tarandeep Kang, Anju Mary Paul, Rebecca Tannenbaum, Jon Berrick, Shaffique Adam

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