How to get fired at Yale-NUS

By Karen Ho, Yale-NUS ’17 – See bio

It’s my last day of work at the Yale-NUS office, so I thought I’d end it off by blogging about a custom among Austin and the interns: firing one another. When I first entered the office in mid-August, my fellow interns were getting fired thrice a day on average. (Everyone automatically gets re-hired at the end of the day.) I only started compiling this months after the firing craze died down, so this list is only a tiny fraction of the vast range of reasons to get fired:

– Calling Albert a cow (the balloon, not Jared).










– Preferring Sally’s to Pepe’s.
– Taking candid shots.
– Suggesting playing with sparklers in school.
– Going to India on a backpacking trip for one and a half months.
– Calling Austin a dumb ang moh.
– Arriving late for work (we’re all guilty).
– Being terrible with cellophane tape.








– Reading too many Yale Daily News comments.
– Failing to tell Austin that he had spelled “da bao” wrongly in a mass email.
– Disrespecting the authority of Mr. Austin Shiner.
– Lying that it’s your last day of work so that Austin will give you sweets.

To my fellow interns, Ronald, Jared, Kevin, Xi Min, Naz, Sau and Amrullah: Working with you all was a blast! ❤


  1. Vidhi Vakharia

    It doesn’t seem all that perilous!

  2. mitch_cameron92

    @Second Mouse, while 377A is the law of the land in Singapore, 1) it is technically not enforced and 2) it does not criminalise homosexuals, but homosexual acts. I am not defending the law, but if you were to post something about it, do educate yourself about the law first. And this was meant to be a fun post, there is no need to politicize this post. Cheers =)

  3. Second Mouse

    The amount of censorship on this blog is disgusting. You’ve sold yourself down the river Yale-NUS.

    • Dear Second Mouse,

      As with any online community, it’s important that we keep the Yale-NUS blog a safe space where civil and constructive dialogue can take place. Therefore we do not allow comments that offend or are openly hostile towards members of our community. Unfortunately your comment did not follow these guidelines and hence was removed.

  4. Hwee

    Second Mouse, regarding your homosexuality comment, there are gay members of the body of students, faculty and staff at Yale-NUS. Please don’t offend them with your insensitive, inaccurate and ignorant remark.

  5. Second Mouse

    Contradiction much?

    Austin Shiner defending Singapore as being not-so-homophobic despite its anti-gay laws is politicised. Still, good to know that the students in the ivory tower are having fun with their fun posts.

    Differentiating between homosexual acts and homosexual persons is disingenuous. “Oh, you are free to be a unicorn worshipper, as long as you don’t actually worship the unicorn, which is illegal.” Right. “Oh you are free to be a feminist, as long as you don’t actually promote the rights of women, which is illegal.” Right. “Oh you are free to be an activist, as long as you don’t actually act, which is illegal.” Right.

    Suffice to say that gay members of Yale NUS are very likely unapprehended felons according to Singapore law, so my point stands. The law is the law. You wouldn’t hire a drug offender that hasn’t been caught yet, while knowing that he has broken the law. If anything, one might make the case that you would have a duty to report your suspicion that a law has been broken.

    Cheers! 🙂

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